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Hello! My name is Priscila. I am responsible for the content published in this blog, my Youtube channel, and the creator of the biggest community for Brazilian Au Pairs on Facebook. As a digital influencer, I have taught myself to seek the most effective way to convey a message through different forms of media, therefore, my professional goals have prompted me to apply for the Communication Studies Bachelor Program at Concordia, in Montreal. 


 My desire to learn has taken me very far!

I'm committed to learning the skills that will take me wherever I want to go. 




I want to graduate, be a top leader and become a reference for those

who have big dreams but are too afraid to get out of their comfort zone!


Youtube Project | Creator, Producer & Video Editor 

Au Pair Story Time 

The Story Time is a weekly Youtube series that was created to demonstrate the “behind the scenes” of this growing trend of families employing live-in foreigners to help look after their children and raise awareness of the overlooked problems/challenges that might occur during the cultural exchange program. The Project has become popular among Au Pairs and it has over 100 different stories published. 

Personal projects | Photographer & Photo Editor



My first contact with photography was at a very young age. I started professionally working as a photo-and-video editor when I was 16 years old. Photography became one of my passions and during my Au Pair exchange program, I was finally able to buy a Nikon D3200,  it's been one of my best pals since. I enjoy all types of photography, especially portrait & urban exploration. 

Instagram Project | Content Creator


Blog Project - PT/BR | Content Creator


My blog is a place where my followers can find all the content I have created on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. I see it as a door to welcome anyone inside my mind and personal interest. 

March 27, 2019

Oie, pessoal, tudo bem?

Alguns meses se passaram desde que eu iniciei meu curso de francês online pelo IFESP e muita gente tem me perguntado como anda, se realmente valeu a pena,et...

March 27, 2019

Como vocês sabem, em 2015 me mudei para Montreal no Canadá. Desde então a vida tomou um rumo muito doido e eu acabei ficando por aqui. Eu não fazia ideia, mas essa decisão me mant...

August 26, 2016

Eu estava aqui pensando e comecei a rir sozinha de como a vida nos empurra exatamente para os lugares que nós precisamos ir... Mesmo que a gente não queira, meio que sem explicaçã...

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